Visit us inside of the Center of St. Louis at 6727 Langley Ave., St. Louis, MO 63123!


Team training is at the heart of our facility and programming approach. Velo’s location, high-end equipment, layout, and experienced training partners combine to form the highest value athletic preparatory environment in St. Louis!

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Beyond amateur and professional athletes, general fitness individuals work with Velo’s training partners to lose weight, gain muscle, improve lifestyle choices, and more… Join a community that promotes positivity and accountability!

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From olympic weightlifting to powerlifting, amateur specialists who compete for gold or simply for the love of their sport choose Velo as their home training site because of its equipment, community, and seasoned training partners.

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FIT 30

Newly renovated 400 square-foot space dedicated to fun, high-energy cardiovascular, weight loss, and strength-building workouts. Trial Fit 30 today for free and experience the difference!

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Velo Athletics was designed and developed for both the team and the individual. Equipment was carefully chosen to maximize space as well as empower trainees to experience high-end equipment uncommonly available in their schools, universities, and other “gym-like” facilities. From bumpers and calibrated plates to a 24′ rig and 35′ of turf (and more!), Velo Athletics features all of the key foundational strength-training and speed-training equipment necessary to launch athletic programs/organizations and individuals beyond their goals.


The relationship between Velo Athletics and its training partner(s) date back almost a decade. Each coach is certified, experienced, and knowledgeable relative to their discipline and focus. For example, teams receive programming from and are trained by former athletes (i.e. All-Americans, NSCA-certified coaches, etc.). Our team firmly believes that the head coaches at Velo — who work with programs/organizations and individuals — drive significant growth through their relevant interest and experience, relationship-building skills, and passion. #velofit

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Velo Athletics exists because the bar has to be set higher. Young athletes (and their dedicated parents) preparing for the next step in their sports careers (high school to college and beyond) need a brand that believes more in preparing teams and individuals for success than sacrificing the quality of the facility, equipment, and training staff. This vision was founded by the community that makes up Velo Athletics and serves as our compass as we all (i.e. athletes, general fitness individuals, etc.) strive for self-improvement, accountability, and physical/mental growth.