VELO Athletics is proud to offer Fit30 functional group training classes to our newly renovated 400 square foot space. Fit30 is a customizable fitness program that is the perfect fit for any fitness level. Whether you want to increase cardiovascular capacity, lose weight, build lean muscle, or just workout with a fun, supportive community. Fit30 will motivate you during every workout to get better and reach your goals. In just 30 minutes you could burn anywhere from 300-800 calories!

Group Setting
Only 30 Minutes
Invest In Yourself

VISIT US INSIDE OF THE CENTER OF ST. LOUIS / 6727 Langley Ave, St. Louis, MO 63123


Burn up to 800 calories in only 30 minutes (and have fun doing it)! Fit30 combines elements of boxing, kick-boxing, functional and other traditional exercises that create a full-body workout. Investing in yourself and this program consistently can produce incredible results (again, it only takes 30 minutes). 

Unlike other workouts, Fit30 keeps your body moving and guessing. The coach-led sessions change daily and will never be repeated. This keeps your mind and body from ever becoming complacent.

Beyond the physical and mental benefits of participating in this class, build strong relationships with other individuals, who are also upgrading themselves.

With our expert coaching staff, you’ll find Fit30 is a trailblazing approach towards burning calories, making friends, and —ultimately — upgrading yourself. Take the first step in investing in yourself (for your health, your family, your vocation, and beyond).

Why Sign Up?

We know working out can be hard! Even during “normal” times. That is why we are here! Our ONLINE training programs are designed to keep you motivated, keep you accountable, and (most of all) see results!
Spots are limited to keep the small group atmosphere. Register today to secure your spot!