Individuals of all ages and goals rely on the training partners at Velo Athletics to help guide and motivate their long-term efforts. The sum of these efforts are life-changing, and can empower individuals to be so different from their former selves (physically, mentally, etc.). Individuals have melted pounds from their bodies, overcome injuries, redefined their lifestyle choices, and more… No matter your fitness and/or lifestyle goal(s), our personal training approach can help you conquer it/them.

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The approach we take towards personal training is comprehensive. It emphasizes functional movement, proper instruction, ongoing education, program customization (to you), program refinement (based on your performance), and smart accountability (to keep you improving). We care about each individual’s goals, body, and progression. This is why our approach caters to the individual because each goal set, body, and progression cadence is and will be different.

Fitness should be a high value and life-changing commitment, and we want to be on that journey with you! Although our approach can be detailed and granular, the reasons why most clients join us are surface-level simple (lose weight, gain muscle, be a little more active, and so on…). Please come to us and let’s start with “simple.” Let’s layer growth goals on top of “simple” and create a physically and mentally healthier version of you by turning a “be a little more active” goal into something more.

We help young professionals, 60-hour work week veterans, husbands looking to be more actively involved with their family, wives trying to lose baby weight, a man recovering from an injury, or a woman prepping for her powerlifting meet… Just several examples of how individuals from all walks of life find a common anchor (or foundation) through fitness.