From facility design to selecting our training partner(s), Velo Athletics emphasizes team training programs and firmly believes in the benefits and value provided by intelligent programming, nutritional coaching, and accountability. From introducing concepts and good nutrition habits (for young age groups) to enforcing concepts and increasing effort (for older age groups), athletes learn how to train and prioritize healthy lifestyle choices during their sports careers and beyond.

Other Sports

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The certified and experienced coaches at Velo Athletics are former athletes and/or have worked with athletic programs (of all applicable age groups and sports variety) in the past.

Our team-training approach is goal-oriented relative to sport, position, and age group. Our partner(s) have worked with volleyball, softball, baseball, and football programs through the years, and we look forward to identifying your goals, programming behind them, and contributing to your organization’s success through the growth of your athletes, individually.

When working with organizations, details are vital. Our team acknowledges and digs into your vision, season and positional goals, and individual goals. Our scholar-like approach is integrative and is a key differentiator between team training (the Velo way) and the rest. We approach programming from a relative vantage point and provide additional insights like:

  • Rehab/prehab methodologies
  • Improved body composition
  • Functional movement screening and retesting (including customized mobility regimens)
  • Performance nutrition coaching (guidance and ongoing education)
  • Sport-specific drill development

No program is alike nor should it be. Investing in detail-oriented and intelligent fitness (physical and mental) development that accounts for more than just “moving in a gym” will improve the overall effectiveness of your organization and its participants, resulting in increased effectiveness through performance, more high school and college-prepared athletes, and subsequently, scholarship opportunities.