Velo Athletics features equipment that accommodates training of virtually all disciplines. From crossfit and bodybuilding to olympic weightlifting and powerlifting, our facility and training team are ready for to help you and/or your team(s)! Contact us and let us help you prep for your next season, meet, or show!

Olympic Weightlifting
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VISIT US INSIDE OF THE CENTER OF ST. LOUIS / 6727 Langley Ave, St. Louis, MO 63123


General fitness, amateur, and professional athletes need more than just cheap, used, and run-of-the-mill strength and cardio equipment and amenities. Velo Athletics knows this because the company was founded by former collegiate-level athletes who have worked with general fitness, youth, high school, collegiate, and professional athletes. The end of their previous sporting careers triggered the start of new athletic outlets (e.g. powerlifting, weightlifting, etc.). We know your needs, and understand the importance of a rock-solid training environment.

We’ve invested in high-end equipment that includes but is not limited to calibrated and quality steel plates and bumpers, deadlift and olympic weightlifting platforms, powerlifting bars, athletic turf, a 24′ rig, productive multi-faceted cardio equipment, and more…

Our facility approach combined with the experienced training team at Velo creates a multi-pronged attack against mediocrity. Our training partners earned educational backgrounds in exercise science, nutrition, and sports performance. Furthermore, our approach — identical to personal training — is individualized. No matter the sporting event you’re preparing for, there is an experienced team member capable of helping you achieve your personal vision and goal(s).

Beyond commercialized sports, our facility and training staff make it possible to accommodate the needs of “specialty” athletes training for powerlifting and olympic weightlifting meets, bodybuilding shows, and other events.